Chocolate Museum – ( Cologne, Germany)

Chocolate, chocolate…. one more time chocolate !!!


Entrance Fees:

Adults : 9 euros

School pupils and students : 6,50 euros

Familiy ticket ( 2 adults and own children up to 16 years ) : 25 euros

There is a locker room in the building so you can leave your jackets as it is boiling hot in there. Just remember to take out all your valuable things. The price includes tasting wafels coated with chocolate from Lindt chocolate fountain.

First important information helping save some time is, immediately after buying the tickets and entering the Museum,  to go straight down the corridor to the very end and then up the stair to the first floor. There is the Lindt shop. You can order your own unique chocolate bar. You can choose milky, black or white chocolate and 4 toppings. You need to wait 35 minutes. In between, you can start sightseeing.

In the picture below, you have plastic forms reminiscent of those used for the chocolate in different shapes.  Behind it, there is the Lindt shop that I have mentioned beforehand.

This is how the ordering for the handmade chocolate looks like:

An interesting attraction is the tropical Paradise, in which there is probably 40 degrees and every so often it is completely sprinkled, no matter if there are people or not. We bumped into that very moment and after entering we felt like being in the sauna. The signs indicated that there were palm trees, cocoa trees, vanilla, pineapple, papaya and orchids.

Part of the building is occupied by the chocolate machines. Obviously, the majority of them are just exhibits. Next to the fountain, however, you can see the entire process of making mini chocolates, from the liquid to the one already wrapped in paper. When you have already seen the ground, first and second floor, go back to pick up your chocolate.

At the entrance, there is a restaurant and a shop with a huge selection of different chocolates and sweets. There are also souvenirs and postcards. In the locker room you can get a free map of the city. Maybe it does not look like Willy Wonka’s factory, but it’s worth visiting.

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